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I am just a simple ladyboy who seeks for a real love and happiness in life. I may not be physically perfect in your eyes but when you knew me, you'll definitely discover what's inside my good heart. I always believe that beauty is not just about the physical attribute of a person. What's always important is the good personality within you that will help you to captivate the heart of the guy that you are dreaming.I am very inspired of those successful stories that I have read. It made me believe that my dreams are not just dreams, but really happens in real life. And it made me to hope that someday I will wake up in the arms of a guy that will love me for who I am and what I am. Where are you my prince? I'm waiting for you to pick me up with your horse, bring me to your castle and live there happily together.I am willing to entertain a guy as long as you will treat me kindly and with respect. And in return I'll put a smile on your lips that you can never forget. Oooppss.. Don't forget to put in your mind that age doesn't matter. I don't care if you are 10x older than me. I love going out with friends and make some fun. Going to bars and party, and making some trip, hahaha.. Its normal for a humorous person like me.The curiosity about those stories made me feel to be easily attracted on a foreign guy. Foreign guys understand us ladyboys, our feelings and emotions. Sad to say but I haven't experience true love yet. Love life of a ladyboy here in my country is different. Its very seldom to find a true and honest guy here. And there's a lot of criticisms and discrimination.If you find me interesting, feel free to message me. I can be your friend or maybe more than that. I'm single and ready to mingle. Hehe.. Thank you and God speed. ;) :* <3

First Name:Christine
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