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I was not Hoping to Find a Perfect Match or maybe a Dream Boy Friend that Any woman wishing for,.. I am just Simple Girl Living, I just want Someone that will Give REAL lOVE and show REAL FEELINGS,.. Like every WOMAN, I want to feel I am special to a GUY that he really want me and Only Me,.. maybe in that way, I can give and show him HOW MUCH LOVE I can give to him and the feeling of CONTENTMENT that he would not need to Look around because with me HE's complete,..

SEX is important, I understand some guys want to have some Romantic Time to someone they desire,.. but for me, there's no better than having SEX to Someone You Really Loved,.. understandable, but it definitely feels so good,.. specially when u both know each other,..

INTERNET is a great way of meeting other people in other country,. like here, most of here I supposed looking for relation.. its just sad some Used it for Fun and some taking advantage of others weaknesses,.. that is why I believed its better to be WHO you are so be appreciated by what you deserved,. for me, I don't have time for "liar" its not me who u fooling,.. its you who wasting your time and chances to meet REAL people,..

I have RESPECT to myself and so to others, I am not perfect but i can be who you LOOKING for...

Godbless Everyone,..

First Name:Ricardo
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