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My Life is a mixture of different experiences. There are moments of happiness and there are moments of sadness, there are successes and there are failures teaching us many lessons, giving us hope and courage to move on. Everyone has different experiences of life which have a very deep impact on his personality and his way of thinking. Through these experiences, he understands the philosophy of life in his own but very different way from others which not only shapes his behavior but also dictates his ambitions. Successes and failures give him a chance to explore his talents and inspirations give him the energy to steer the ship of his life. I am incredibly trusting to my sorroundings, particularly when it comes to my Family and friends - A fact which they really appreciate, even if they might not always say so . I am possitive yet pragmatic outlook on life make an incredibly reliable friend one who helps to make the world just that little bit brighter! and im looking for a serious friends or maybe more than friends. A guy who can respect me as who i'am and what i have in this life and i like the funny guy, kind, sincere, lovely. and for me in the relation is the best type relationship is one where your not only in love, but your each others best friend also.thank you for reading

First Name:Heaven
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