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I am more than what you see .
and I am strong enough and mold
by sadness and of bad experience .
I been move on to my past relationship
and now I am ready to give up anything in the name of love . I am willing to risk an be patient and honest and loyal to the person deserving of it . If u want to know a lot me just message me but i will give u a few knowledge about me ..

I was child when my parents notice me that I have an extra ordinary movements . like other children do . I am diff the way I act as normal boy . during that time my family understand me and help me to out what kind of feelings that I am experience . when I was in grade school that time I am feel there is something about me, that I am not see any attracted to some girls but I am attracted to boys. and having a crush or what u call puppy love . I love to play flames candle and true loves and also combining my name with my crushes or you called inspiration. And when I was in secondary that is the 1st things I receive acceptance to my family, acceptance that until now that I am looking to a right who willing to love me . when I was in secondary or high school a lot of things I experience . I been bully and reject by some people who cant understand me. They always say that I am a sinner but who they are to judge me??? but I am thankful to those people who let me down. It's help me to become a better person. now I am a self employed that love reading books, watching TV and movies , dancing , singing and cooking and also discovering some things and love playing some sport. I am a family oriented also . I love kids and also animals, and I am the oldest in my two little brother. so I know how taking care a people with my own strategy .. so if u wanted to know me better just click the message and write message on me and will see what the future brings to us.

If you are not a member you can add me in Skype ladykit and we can get to know better and see what the future will brings to us ..

First Name:Darcy
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