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Hi Dear,

Welcome, Thank you for dropping by, its my pleasure getting to know a someone like you.
It's been so long that i search for a someone who could be give meaning into my life.
There are so many challenges, hurts, sorrow, happiness I been through..
the fact i know there are no guaranteed in this relationship online but still hoping even once, only once i can have someone truly believe, have faith, love into me, to come and be within on my side.

I started online when I was 17 yrs old, way back on my 1st years college.
Since then I encountered so many different people online, it took awhile before I meet a person believe risking, trying with me, but never had a chance to meet from someone online world into the real world.

Hopefully this time I can have someone that would like to embrace me in real, who would love to kiss and hold me tight, still a dream but never giving on my dream that one day it will be a dream come true.

First Name:Krisynie
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