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Let's be honest

I'm a girl who loves to speak my mind, I don't like beating about the bush and faking Is not my thing

If u are going to contact me please have all these else I wont reply at all, its not about being arrogant or snobbish BUT its about efforts and not being SELFISH

1. Have very recent photos of yourself less than 2-3 months
2. More than just 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 photos, if u r really genuine and SERIOUSLY looking so show your SERIOUSNESS
3. STOP being SELFISH by saying oh I don't look good on photos, I don't have cameras, I don't like to take my own pics
4. Put your own pictures not someone else or pics of you 10 yrs ago or 2 years ago

If u think I'm SNOBBISH just because I like to be HONEST and DIRECT so be it, but at least I'm not going to waste my time trying to make u believe that here s LOVE just by taking to some ANONYMOUS hiding behind the machines

oh ONE MORE thing, I'm NOT INTERESTED in "I'M PLAYBOY / TRANNY CHASER\" you can tell all the bollocks to these poor inexperienced young trannies
but not me .... don't u know that its a small community and WE DO KNOW EACH OTHER AND COMPARE NOTES.. so please don't try to be SMARTASS
good luck

First Name:Ezrienaedriena
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