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A sociable being, I love befriending new people that I meet. I'm the type of person that approaches somebody, though at times I can be shy. One of her talents is dancing, and she can be very good at it, given that there is enough time to sharpen the said skill. Because I idolizes various artist like John Mayer, Howdie Day, Boyz2Men, I also loves to sing, although I tries my very best to sing, even though some people might find it unsuitable for the talent (lol).

Eating is my hobby. Spaghetti (and any kind of pasta), banana, antis, peanuts (of all sorts), chocolate, cooked rice (without the viand), corn chips and brownies are just some of the food varieties my can't resist eating.

Smiling is a thing that I have never forgotten to do, even amidst serious problems. Whenever I'm down, I try to bounce back higher than ever. I'm the type of person who sympathizes easily, who listens attentively, who tries to cheer up a person filled with pessimism and who tries to make someone's day a good one.

First Name:Bashya
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