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dreamer | hopeless romantic | frustrated singer & dancer | dog lover | sinner

Hi! My name is Tanya and I was born on May 10, 1991 (year of the Sheep). My zodiac sign is Taurus. I came from Philippines and currently residing in a town called Mati. I can say I am a very complicated person, I am very shy at first, but as time goes on I can be loud if I feel comfortable. I love shopping! I spend more on personal hygiene and beauty products, then gadgets since I am a tech savvy person, clothes & accessories because I love fashion. I am not poor nor rich, I am still a student supported by my mother. I have my needs and wants which I always find a way in-order for me to get it.

It’s my dream / plans to be a full transsexual someday. Starting with hips augmentation since it is my greatest insecurity because of my broad shoulders, then followed by a breast implant surgery, and then the SRS. It’s just a plan though, but hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish it. It’s free to dream anyway. I’m just telling you this because I want you to respect my decisions as I will highly respect yours.

I am here on this site to find someone who can accept me for what or who I am. Someone who is open-minded and that is willing to love me unconditionally. Who’s willing to make me happy as I do the same. Someone who can respect me always as I can respect him all the time. Someone who is serious, decent and not just for fun because I don’t want waste both of our time. Who will not just ask for my skype id and ask me to be naked on cam.

Hope you did take time to read my profile. Have a great day :)

First Name:Tanya
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