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My name is Khyla, I am 26 from the 7,107 Island of the PHILIPPINES...

I love cooking, I love music..
I am just simple person,
I am fun to be with,
Seriously, When I am sad I am really emotional,
and once you lend your ears to listen with my thoughts
Then you'll get bored,,, hahhaha

I've experienced a lot from my past,
Ups and downs...
I cried, I laugh,
I've been so much happy, and I've been so much depressed
I fell in love then suddenly became broken hearted..
After all, i over come, surpass all the difficulties and circumstances in my life..
I can say that I am now a better person.
I am stronger than my yesterday
and wiser than before...

And now that I am all alone...
Still my life is going on...
Whatever Life has to offer I will still stand strong.
Always giving smile
and believing not to look back anymore
but to move forward with my life....

and hopefully to be with someone
who will never hurt me,
never ever leave me,
and will promise to hold my hands
while enjoying the journey of life...

....who ever he is, I will not promise to e always perfect
but I will give u a smile everyday,
and be sure until my last breathe
I LOVE YOU is the last words that I will say...

...Thanks for dropping by in my profile!!

Have a great day..

hugs & kisses ...

mwuahhh :* :* :*

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