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I play in my imagination,I create my reality,I know and I share my truth!!!...Do not judge me by my skin color, my hair color, my body and my out look, if you do, you will miss entirely who I am...True Love and a partnership is between 2 people and sometimes you find a person you adore, But it takes 2 to make a relationship happen, One person only committed to try to make that relationship is still a single person and alone, But it is not always you that has faults, The other person has faults also and you need to keep your chin up high and live life.I love the way you intertwine your fingers in mine. The way each gap of my fingers is filled with yours as if the entire world belongs to me at that single moment. The way you hold my hand feels like i’m the happiest girl ever. As if nothing can ever come between us as long as your hand and mine are interlinked with each other. I hope this moment will last. I hope our story won’t end. As long as your holding my hand and i’m holding yours, i’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.Always remember. Don’t let misunderstandings feed on your relationship. Never give up on each other just because you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. In fact this is the time to stick together and face everything. This is the time to show the world how truly you love each other and how strong your bond is. The ones who are jealous of you and are ready to tear your relationship apart should never succeed. I strongly believe that when the going gets tough true lovers can stand strong together hand in hand and overcome their problems.. After all long lasting relationships are all about sticking together during the worst times.I'd like and pray to find someone for me. Someone to call my own. A soul mate perhaps. Someone to love and take care. To think about each day. To be there for each other. To read each other's feelings. To reach each other's thoughts. To be there thru good times and the bad times. Be there when its sunshine and be there when it rains. Hold each other's hand and just smile looking at each other. Share each moments or simply love the silence of togetherness. I am just simple ladyboy. Loving. Honest. Real. Kind and a good person. Understanding too. A bit crazy. Weird at times. Funny and Corny. I'm a Catholic. Romantic too. Simple things makes me happy. :) It's not difficult to make me happy. Find me, I am just here....this year 2016 have good and bad things happened in my life was in love and broken hearted but its time to move on and move the future present i think will find as a better. reason why im here this site seriously looking someone who willing to accept me what i am and who i am. im looking someone who willing to building solid relation with trust love and respect, im looking someone have a good values in life someone who willing to give me lifetime relationship i dont like one month relation or one year i like forever and ever relationship. now i learned to myself how to be love and how to hurt feelings. so pls dont play my feelings. i dont want to feel again hurt about my feelings not easy and hard also when the time that i love you so much.dont be play my feelings.i dont want your promise that you need me,love me or marry me.just show all that you make believe you...and never ever to leave you. i hope will be luck here.SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEARTJust easy;If you like me just a message. If can't its fine but thanks stopping here to read my profile. tell me what your intentionim looking a friends,bestfriends and serious long term relationship.god bless

First Name:Dannah
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