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I find it strangely hard to put up a simple summary of myself here. I guess if there's something you need to know apart from what I wrote here, you just have to ask me right away.
I'm here to make friends first, because you can't be anything if you can't be friends with someone.

Living' easy
Talks with sense (at times) :P
No drama
Easy to talk with.

Two things I always believe in :
Intelligence will never stop being beautiful & that good looks fade but good heart keeps you beautiful forever.

Seems like most here tells about & says about what they are &* not about what they are looking for in their partner so here's mine :)
People tend to look for those good looking model like partner, cant blame them though who doesn't right?
As for me i like those EASY ON THE EYES kinda men whose got personality, knows respect & where to use it. I am a sucker for a guy who is knowledgeable, like someone I can learn something from.
I am in this age that I know what I want. I am looking for a guy who is ready to settle down.


First Name:Tawny
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