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Hi! I am Yanzy from Philippines...
to be honest I am a lady boy and my real name is John Paul and I am here to seek friend,to love and be loved so,
I need someone who can accept me of who I am and respect me the way I am !!!!There are so many foreign men who promises me to visit me but nothings happen..I want a serious relationship that would be honest and loyal and not hurting me...

its me again \"Yanzy\"..i just wanted to tell/share you a story of my life...just a short part of my love life..

everyone wants true love...and so do i....

all my life..,I have been experienced ups and downs,..sometimes being happy but most of the time seemed so sad to me..
I have found love many times but nothings happen,yet so sad to feel a lot of heartaches...somehow I told myself to be strong and better to get drunk than to fall in friends told me not to give up too fast,just because I don't see it right away.,sometimes,things just need a bit of more tie and patience.....yes,it is true but the fact is "you can never tell/ask your heart to stop from beating"..and as it is happening in me again and again...I guess ,I can hardly fix this broken heart of mine..

And from now on.,i decided to stop seeking men unless wait for someone to pick and fix those tiny pieces of my broken heart...

thank you for reading and i say sorry for my grammars..

I never wanted someone to love me for a lifetime,since I am a ladyboy and it is very difficult to have a relation..but then I wanted someone to be faithful while he's still mine. I am looking for someone that whose willing to accept me of who I am and respect me the way I am......thanks for reading my profile and you can comment as I am open for your opinions :)
I want to finish someones sentences..

,,thanks for visiting my profile:-)

-hi it's me again.,now its 2015 and i can't barely imagine i'm fully mature in mind and thoughts of my heart in pertaining a certain decision,matters and seemed like i merely handle situation very well :)
currently I am working as a model in some other porn sites,.hence this site would be the best dating site as I preferably open this and updating to see whose really interested in me..I work too hard to fulfilled my dreams in life as an independent and becoming breed winner of the family thou me my mom and my youngest sister only living together..and soon if I ever get one of my dreams I will share you then...see you in my next adventure and a very wonderful things in my life.. oopsss I am still single and for those who have interest please give some respect and dignity,.my appreciation :)

First Name:Yanzy
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