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Have you ever felt so alone and nothing makes sense?

Well that’s how I feel right now…

I feel like I’m facing everything myself, with nothing but tears and a fake smile…

Before i dreamed to be a girl and to have my own family. Now im happy, contended and proud to be a ladyboy.

Im happy that im serving my mom, my brother, my sister and their kids. My mom is old and i want her to stop working. Since im young, she never stop on working.I know that shes happy serving us but I want her to rest, i want her to experience the things that other woman did or even just to sit on the raking chair without any worries.

I want to help them but im always a failure. Im too much tired, im too much humiliated, Im too much abused. No one respect me, no one love me. All of them are taking advantage of me, being ladyboy.

My body and soul are tired. My eyes are too much painful on crying. But my heart and mind is always bringing my dream for my family. They are the one whose making me strong, to fight and always to strive once more.

Im just a human. Im sorry for those people whome I hurt physically or emotionally, intentionally or unintentionally.

Thank you for those people whose always believing on me, for those who holds my hand and never release it even in the times of trouble. Thank you for the people who guide me and light my path.

For those other people. Just one request, we are all son of our parents. We all wish to have a happy family. Please dont full me back from reaching my dream.. My dream to serve my family...

First Name:Louie
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