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Lets start with a brief description of myself. Iam alyson, 29 from manila & working for an Australian satellite Cable provider as a technical support rep. Yes, I am a techy person hahaha...I love technical stuff & I am good at it. Why am I on this site? It's the same stupid question that I keep asking myself. They said that there is someone destined to be with everyone, does that means we just need to wait for that person? Looking for that right one isn't a good idea? If that is so...I wanted to prove it myself. Looking for someone interesting. A relationship maybe? Someone who is serious enough being in a relationship. Someone open minded, a person who is willing to accept things & unconditional love. A guy who has plans of settling down & getting married one day. I love kids & it will be a big fulfillment for me if my future partner already got kids:). Iam a person who believes in faith rather than chance. I believe in destiny as Gods plan rather than on us making our own journey. I believe that he had planned things before us. So all i am doing now is enjoy and cherish every blessing that is given to me. I simply relish my life with the persons who truly care for me and love me. aside from that, I also love my detractors they make my life more fascinating and exuberant. *lolz* theyre making my name so loud you also make me a lot stronger. I am a very optimistic person, I always perceive things on a positive manner. I believe that difficulty is an opportunity in disguise. So I take all possible chances that I can because I know that we can never turn back time. that is why I have no regrets...only happy memories. I love challenges, adventures, and the like. I love to wander around everywhere exploring what this world has for us because I believe that we always discover something along in our journey - whatever it is, its always worth it. I love to travel,been to different places in Asia even in the middle east, I am rational and very open-minded. I am indeed flexible, I can be with anyone at anytime nevertheless I may say that i am not a nocturnal person. I appreciate art, music, and anything classic. that is me. Well, I think I've said enough. I am also a type of person who start the respect within my self first ...that is why I know how to respect the people around me...well mannered & educated person,grew up in a well grounded family,devoted to God and most of all family oriented! Lets all wish everyone the best. Take care guys, God speed.

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